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24 Carnarvon Avenue

24 Carnarvon Avenue springfield lakes

Thanks Nathalie and Team for taking over my property management smoothly and straight away make an impact by reaching out to tenants to understand their concerns and act quick to make the tenants happy. Looking forward to working with you and your team. 

Seshadri T Ananthakrishnan

Couldn’t have chosen a better agent!

I would not hesitate in recommending Michelle as I found her to be professional, diligent and her communication/feedback was excellent. I live in Victoria and needed to sell my investment property in Queensland quickly, for a fair market price, and needed an agent that would not only would deliver a good result but also give me the confidence that I was in good hands and that the fact that I was in another state was not going to give me sleepless nights. Michelle delivered a result for me that was above expectations as the property was sold within a few weeks of listing and at an above than expected price. Michelle provided regular feedback and continued to do so even after the sale - that is exceptional customer service. 

George Massouridis

39 Quinn Close

39 Quinn Close augustine heights

That's I can say about her! She is an excelllent agent! Her client service skills are commendable. She is an excellent communicator and has always responded our queries promptly! I wish Paula all the best with her career!

All best to La Vie management! 

Mohammad & Dilara

104 Santa Monica Drive

104 Santa Monica Drive augustine heights

I have rented my whole life and have had some pretty good real estate agents (and some horrible ones) but have never come across a team as helpful and HUMAN as La Vie Property Solutions. For two years (since we started with them) Nathalie has offered a level of service, politeness, care and dedication that obviously inspires her entire team. We are used to being treated like we don't matter, just another tenant, but have been blown away by La Vie. They actually make you feel like you are valuable to them - I'd happily pay extra rent for that.

I hope if you are thinking of listing a quality property with La Vie that you take that into account: service like this attracts good tenants, and that's what WE try to be - especially when we're treated with respect. Would give 6/5 if I could.

Marti Dobson

52 Carnarvon Avenue

52 Carnarvon Avenue springfield lakes

Thank you Nathalie and Team for finding us great Tenant in a week time. Your professionalism and superior advertising skills help us to achieve this result. Thank you again.

39 Quinn Close

39 Quinn Close augustine heights

Words cannot express my heartfelt appreciation for Paula's helpfulness, efficiency, guidance and support in selling my home. I perceived the process to be insurmountable, though Paula proved me otherwise. The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, effective showing and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations/due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. If you're seeking exceptional clientele experience, look no further. Bolstered by unsurpassed local knowledge and a drive to achieve outstanding results; Paula can make your dreams become reality.

Tanya Tickle

12 Apollo Place

12 Apollo Place springfield lakes

Couldn't have asked for a better agent for our first home purchase to go so smoothly. Tori was fantastic, constant communication, and filled all requests my partner and I had regarding the property. Tori made purchasing our house an easy task, would definitely recommend.

Nikita & Aric

15 Whitten Street

15 Whitten Street springfield lakes

As a tenant I found La Vie property management excellent to deal with, they also had my property rented within a week when I broke my lease. Also working in the industry I found them extremely helpful and always responded to me on the same business day. 

Emily Wilson

Would recommend

It was a pleasure dealing with Michelle. She was very articulate and always kept me informed.

43 Jersey Crescent

43 Jersey Crescent springfield lakes

Friendly professional service!

Greg Grattan

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